new, (used as a combining form) recent or new;
‘neo’ is a combining form in words like ‘neocolonialism’

A country of southeast Asia in eastern Indochina on the South China Sea.

A new vietnam.

What is NeoViet?
NeoViet is a concept I thought a while back in college but never got the chance to do anything about it. It’s a combination of two words “Neo” - meaning new, futuristic, and Việt - for Vietnamese, the people, history and culture. These two words became NeoViet, or new Viet, modern Viet, or the future of Viet.

I want to use this idea to name an online magazine and eventually maybe an institution. With it, will spread to the world the literatures, the arts and animation that will affect the future of Vietnamese everywhere, especially Vietnamese who don’t live on their homeland.

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